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Why Are Single-Payer Proponents Spending Over $100k to Help Holstege?

Why Are Single-Payer Proponents Spending Over $100k to Help Holstege?

(Bermuda Dunes, CA) - Today, Greg Wallis’ Campaign Strategist Duane Dichiara released a statement on Christy Holstege’s support for single-payer healthcare.

“Christy Holstege makes no mistakes on who she affiliates herself with,” said Duane Dichiara. “Christy donated to ‘defund the police’ politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, perhaps the most socialist politician in our nation’s history and the biggest proponent of national single-payer healthcare. Holstege is endorsed by Assemblymember Alex Lee, an author of California’s single-payer bill.

“Now, a PAC is spending over $100,000 to help Christy Holstege get elected. One of their funders stance on single-payer health care in California? You guessed it. They were major proponents of the single-payer bill that rightfully died last year. The same bill that would create a government-takeover of healthcare, put bureaucrats in charge of your care, and could raise taxes by $12,250 per household.

“Why are they spending money to get Christy Holstege elected? It’s simple. Because they know they could buy her vote on single-payer, a disastrous plan that even local Doctors have come out in opposition.”

To watch Wallis’ latest ad “Bad for Your Health,” click the image below:

Thank you,

Greg Wallis

Your Candidate for Assembly District 47

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