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Wallis Calls On Holstege To Oppose New Tax

Wallis Calls On Holstege To Oppose New Tax

(Bermuda Dunes, CA) - Today, Greg Wallis challenged his opponent Christy Holstege to oppose Governor Newsom’s new proposed windfall tax on oil.

“One-party rule in Sacramento has everything backwards,” said Greg Wallis. “To make gas prices cheaper, you cut gas taxes. Instead, Governor Newsom and Sacramento Progressives think the best way to make gas cheaper is by raising taxes that would be passed on to California’s drivers.”

Wallis went on to say “We already pay the highest gas prices and taxes in the nation. Working families need relief today. That’s why I support immediately suspending the gas tax and opposing Newsom’s new tax. I challenge my opponent to do the same and join me in supporting California’s working families.”

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