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We Both Have Polls


We are winning this race. Last week, my campaign released poll results demonstrating that we were within striking distance of my opponent, a local officeholder who spent a fortune in the primary. After voters were educated on the candidates, I was up double digits.

My opponent recently released a poll that shows her ahead, but her numbers don’t add up. Instead of focusing on horserace polling, it’s more helpful to stick to the facts on the ground.

Here’s what we know about our district:

  • President Joe Biden is underwater by 7 points (43% approve - 50% disapprove) and with undecided voters it’s much worse. Joe Biden is down 36 points (22% approve – 58% disapprove).

  • Governor Gavin Newsom is underwater by 3 points with 46% approving and 49% disapproving. What does that gap look like with undecided voters? Newsom is underwater by 9 points with 38% approving and 47% disapproving.

  • On the issues, the top two issues are inflation and the cost of living, and then jobs and the economy. What we found most striking is that voters are actively hostile to taxes and the politicians like my opponent who raise them at any opportunity.

There has been plenty of mouth-wagging that this district leans towards Democrat candidates, but their numbers don’t add up. This is a center-right seat. I am a moderate, center-right candidate. My opponent is a self-labeled progressive liberal who isn’t just wrong on the issues, but proudly wrong on them.

Take horserace polls with a grain of salt. Look at the fundamentals of who the voters are and what they believe. Once you do that, you’ll see that she’s got an uphill battle.

Thank you,

Greg Wallis

Your Candidate for Assembly District 47

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I'm glad to see you are doing better after the primary. You opponent is a liar and a fraud pretending to be someone she is not to get endorsements from the Stonewall Democrats and the neoliberal Democrats of the Desert. Holstege doubled down on lockdowns, mandates, and instituted a system of medical apartheid in her city. We need you to win this race to keep yet another Biden Democrat from taking the district. Please keep us informed and let people know how best we can support your candidacy.

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