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Greg Wallis Launches First TV Ad of General Election

Greg Wallis Launches First Television Ad of General Election

(Bermuda Dunes, CA) – Today, Greg Wallis announced the launch of his first general election television ad, “Bright Ideas.” You can watch the ad by clicking the image below.

“The progressive majority isn’t out of ideas, they are just out of good ideas,” said campaign strategist Duane Dichiara. “Progressive Christy Holstege is more of the same: oppressive taxes that make it harder and harder for people to get by, crazy healthcare ideas that put government in between the patient doctor relationship, bad public safety ideas that coddle criminals, and the regurgitating of failed ideas that have led to tens of thousands of homeless in our streets and parks. Holstege sells herself as a moderate. She’s no more moderate than her ideological mentor and strong supporter, Assemblymember Alex Lee.”

Greg has spent his career in public policy, dedicated to finding ways to solve complex problems and make lives better for Californians. Greg and his wife, Desiree, live in Bermuda Dunes with their two dogs, Gunner and Harley.

The new 47th Assembly District is made up of two counties. Riverside County makes up 76% of the voters in the district while 24% are in San Bernardino County. The largest city in the district is Yucaipa, followed by Palm Desert, Palm Springs, and Beaumont. The Republican candidate at the top of the ticket won it in 2016 and the Republican gubernatorial candidate carried it in the last midterm election in 2018.

To learn more about Greg Wallis and his campaign for Assembly, head over to

Thank you,

Greg Wallis

Your Candidate for Assembly District 47

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