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What I'll Do In My First 100 Days


We are just 100 days out from the November 8th election.

We deserve better. We deserve a government that works with us, not against us. Together, we can make California affordable, safe, and livable for us, today and tomorrow.

I am often asked by people just like you, what will I do to make our lives better. Here’s my answer:

10 common-sense reforms I will work to achieve in my first 100 days as your Assemblymember.

  1. Suspend the gas tax

  2. Cut taxes and fees on our small businesses and the middle class

  3. Increase funding for law enforcement and training programs

  4. End the early release of felons

  5. Reinstate tough penalties on violent crimes

  6. Require accountability from our failing public school systems

  7. Make charter schools easier to start

  8. Implement and audit programs to address the homelessness crisis

  9. Create treatment programs to help those suffering from addiction and mental health emergencies

  10. Provide tax incentives to intelligently transition to renewable energy

Your ideas count. This is about logic. A reasonable legislature would have done these things already. But they have failed. The majority in the legislature is out of touch with your needs, influenced by special interest groups, and, frankly, unaware of the problems we face.

I will work for the changes we all want that will make California what we know it can be --- GOLDEN.

Help me create the California we deserve. Please send an email to and we will work together to make it happen.

Additionally, if you are able to help fund my campaign, please use this button below. Any amount helps - $5, $10, $20, or more – it all builds our campaign to make our region better for you, our children, our community, and our future.

Happy 100 Days,

Greg Wallis

Your Candidate for Assembly District 47

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